A CardAssist subscription gives you peace-of-mind and protection against fraudulent charges should you lose your credit, debit, gas cards.

For over 20 years, CardAssist has provided millions of Subscribers with worry-free protection 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And, it’s not just cards we’re protecting, but cellular phones too. Plus we offer many other benefits and services.

Getting peace of mind is very affordable. CardAssist offers 2 convenient subscriptions to choose from including 1-year and 2-year subscriptions:

  • 1-Year Subscription is $42.99 CDN plus applicable taxes* per year

  • 2-Year Subscription is $69.95 CDN plus applicable taxes*

Join online and you’re protected from the moment we receive your form. You’ll receive immediate email acknowledgement plus we’ll send you a subscription kit by mail. Click here to join right now.

CardAssist Subscription Includes:

Fraudulent charges protection
Secure registration of all credit, debit and charge Cards and cancellation of lost and stolen cards
Automatic card reissue
Mobile phone registration
Important Document Registry
Globally accessible 24/7 multilingual service centre
$500 Card Theft Reward.
Emergency Cash Transfer
Emergency Airline Tickets
Emergency Message Relay
Travel Voicemail Service
Luggage Recovery Tags
Important Date Reminder
Change of Address Service
Pre-Authorized Payment Change Service
Lost Key Return Service
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Fraudulent charges protection.
CardAssist assumes liabilities from fraudulent charges associated with the reported lost or stolen cards and cell phones from the time they notify CardAssist of the loss.
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Secure registration of all credit, debit and charge cards and cancellation of lost and stolen cards.
Register any number of cards and enjoy one-call reporting of lost or stolen cards. CardAssist staff will notify card issuers through protocols established individually with issuers.

Automatic card reissue.
Automatic card reissue, subject to card issuer regulations.

Mobile phone registration.
One-call reporting of lost and stolen phones.
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Important Document Registry.
Subscribers can securely register passports, birth certificates, insurance policies and any other important document information for retrieval in the case of an emergency.
Globally accessible 24/7 multilingual service centre.
Globally accessible 24/7 multilingual service centre with over 20 years of emergency service experience.

$500 Card Theft Reward.
CardAssist will pay $500 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the thief.

Emergency Cash Transfer.
If a subscriber is stranded away from home due to lost/stolen cards, they can request CardAssist to wire cash to a nearby location. Cash value is interest free for 30 days and is charged to a credit card the Subscriber designates.
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Emergency Airline Tickets.
If a Subscriber is stranded away from home due to lost/stolen cards, they can request CardAssist to arrange for airline tickets to be waiting at the nearest airport. The cash value of the tickets is interest free for 30 days and is charged to a credit card the subscriber designates.

Emergency Message Relay.
Subscribers who are travelling and need to contact those at home due to a delay or an emergency can request CardAssist staff to attempt to reach up to three people to pass on a message.

Travel Voicemail Service.
Travel Voicemail Service. Subscribers who travel can use a personal mailbox set up by CardAssist as a point of contact for relatives and friends. Accessible toll-free within North America.

Luggage Recovery Tags.
Subscribers can request luggage tags which will help reunite them with their luggage in case of loss.
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Important Date Reminder.
Subscribers can register up to 12 important dates and CardAssist will send a reminder one month in advance of the date.

Change of Address Service.
CardAssist will notify card issuers, magazine publishers and up to 3 other parties of a subscriber’s change of address.

Pre-Authorized Payment Change Service.
Subscribers can request CardAssist to notify those companies with which they have credit card pre-authorized payments of a change in their account number, due to the loss of their cards.

Lost Key Return Service.
Subscribers can request specially registered key tags to affix to their keys. Anyone who finds the keys can use the information on the tag to return them.

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*Applicable taxes are GST(5%), ON HST(13%), NB, NL, NS, PE HST(15%) and QC QST (9.975%). Tax rates are subject to change by the applicable regulatory authority. Sigma GST/HST # is 762348522 RT0001, Qst # is 1224069720-TQ0001.

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